ECOSEAL srl produces a wide range of adhesives in water dispersion, completely solvent free, not inflammable and non-toxic used in the production of shoes, leather goods, cars, saddles, furniture, doors and windows. We also produce preformed butyl and polyisobutylene sealants, which do not require any processing time to reach their final features. Our products have high sealing properties and excellent adhesion to a great variety of supports. Moreover, they are easily shapeable, waterproof and long-lasting. They do not harden and their ability to seal at a wide interval of temperatures makes them suitable to be used in the assembly of panels, glass, built-in domestic appliances and waterproof joints for vacuum-sealed manufacturing processes, as well as, in the sealing of ventilation plants, in the construction of means of transport, in the insulation and protection of underground tubes, floor slabs, ceilings, floors and more in the field of constructions. Our products are available in rectangular and circle shapes and they are supplied in pieces or rolls in a wide range of sizes with different features in terms of elasticity, stickiness, hardness and resistance to compression.